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Hide--You’re Under Attack!

April 3, 2017
Spiritual Growth

We all are. Every minute of every day. Even now, this very instant.
The noise level from today’s avalanche of information crashing down the slopes of our life increases its decibel level exponentially. Left in its wake are those people who could not separate the important from the meaningless. Good from evil. Edifying from damning.
Everyone is at risk for obvious reasons. But Christians face an additional vulnerability on two fronts:

  1. BAD STUFF: Exposure to the wrong information and images just because we are “in the way” when it hits.
  2. DISCERNMENT: Loss of the ability to know what God would have us accept and what should be rejected.

What’s at stake? Our responsibility before God to live a spiritually disciplined life in spite of this information overload.
And you know why that’s important, right? It’s important because if we make it past the information avalanche, we are positioned to live a purpose-driven, Christ-like life that helps others come to know Jesus.
So the lesson is clear, if we allow the information attack to prevail, the Kingdom suffers. Sounds great, but how can a Christian find time to be with God and avoid being sunk by the information tsunami? Here are the three steps I take to that end:
Know my life purpose and direction from the beginning all the way through dictates where I focus my attention and how my heart/mind gate operates to keep information out or let it in. With this over-arching spiritual vision for my life ever-looming, it is much easier to stay committed to the journey no matter how many setbacks I encounter along the way.
Reduce the time tethered to my devices and spent online and schedule intentional “technology-silent” breaks. I know how hard it is to disconnect. I’ve tried it and failed like everyone. It is a work in progress that requires effort and perseverance. But keep in mind that it’s more than just cutting back time; I also try to be strategic about who I follow and what I commit to receive.
Intentionally make time for God every day to connect and decompress and refuel so my relationship with the Lord grows and matures.
“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7
If you came up short trying to manage the information torrent on your own and are thinking about giving up, DON’T DO IT!
God is urging you to pursue his wisdom and instruction. Our role is to seek God’s help in discerning the things which will edify us and the wisdom to cast off that which does not. If we make that commitment, he will grant us the daily discipline that we need to keep our focus on him.
Yes, we are under attack every day by a seemingly nuclear siege of negative and lustful information and imagery. It doesn’t matter! Our survival is guaranteed if we trust and respond to God’s mercy and love and grace.
Try it!

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