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Have YOU Had The 2021 WORRY VACCINE Yet?

December 29, 2020
Spiritual Growth

YES…this is another blog for Christians on WORRYING and its negative consequences. NO…it should not be dismissed just because we “know the dangers for Christians who worry.” Of course we know God tells us in no uncertain terms not to WORRY (Philippians 4:6). And we know how quickly WORRYING can cut in front of us as we stand in the line of life.
But here’s my question for you today: Have you had God’s vaccine for 2021’s strain of the WORRY INFLUENZA?
Knowing we are not to worry is the easy part. The challenge comes in committing our worry battle to Christ and then turning to him when it waltzes onto our dance floor.
So let me challenge you in the strongest possible way right here on this CHANGE RAMP to 2021: Will you start 2021 with WORRY being a GIVEN in your life? Or will you take God’s WORRY VACCINE?
I know, that’s a difficult question. Heck, we all worry about jobs and people and money and our health and, oh yeah, a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.
For some, the worry is mild…maybe even microscopic. For others, it’s life-threatening. Either way, this Worry War clouds our connection with God. I know because battling worry early in my faith walk produced protracted, bloody, and mass-casualty engagements.
My victories in the worry battles of life did not come because my life had (or has) “smoothed out.” Those victories on the worry battlefield came while worry was ESCALATING in my life to unimaginable levels. It was then that I SURRENDERED and gave my worry to God.
But the WORRY WAR did NOT–and does not–end with any one battle because they never stop coming. In fact, the temptation to worry is coming straight for us right now ahead on the 2021 highway. It’s coming even if we are living in surrendered obedience to Christ.
I ask God to teach me how to fully surrender my worry to him and embrace the truth that all things in heaven and earth are bound to the fabric of his sovereignty.
The trials and tribulations of life will not cease, but that is not the question. The question is whether we panic or pray. Are you prepared for 2021’s strain of the WORRY INFLUENZA? Have you had God’s WORRY VACCINE yet? If not, grab your Bible and give God your worry in 2021.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

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