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God Made a PERSONAL Promise, to ME.

July 6, 2021
Spiritual Growth

There are days when I need to be “stopped in my tracks” by God. Days when I need to inhale his love and grace so deeply that the borders of my soul are invaded. Days when I need a PROMISE to hang onto through life’s stubborn slipstream and agonizing anguish. Today is one of those days for me, and my prayer is that God’s PERSONAL promise to ME will be loaded into your life now so it’s ready for the day you need to marshal its force. Heck…maybe that’s TODAY for you. Perhaps tomorrow. But some day for certain.
Here’s my “stop me in my tracks” PROMISE:
“Do not be afraid—I am with you! I am your God—let nothing terrify you! I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you.” Isaiah 41:10 GNT
The Lord of Heaven and earth is, himself, speaking to each and every believer by using “I” four times!
Don’t get me wrong. It is a wonderful blessing KNOWING that God is there—always—to help us work everything together for good (Romans 8:28). But my word, it zooms to another level when God says he is going to help ME.
There isn’t a single challenge in life that is not covered by Isaiah 41:10. Even if it stopped at the first promise to vanquish FEAR, that would be huge. But the verse goes on to promise to STRENGTHEN and PROTECT and SAVE us. Incredible.
Many Christians slip and fall without calling on God’s promises soon enough. And others fall to sin because they didn’t lock and load God’s promises in their head and heart. We need to be SPECIFIC about claiming God’s promises—and do it EARLY—so it’s not a vague thought in our mind’s cavernous recesses. That may make us feel good when things are going good, but it won’t be the powerful force God wants it to be when we really need it in our life.
If you are going to embrace just one promise, Isaiah 41:10 is a perfect candidate.
I thank God for making his PROMISES personal for me and every other believer. To give me the strength to claim them.
Have you transferred the power of God’s “I” to your heart and soul by embedding Isaiah 41:10 in your faith’s fabric.

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