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Get Ready! YOUR Jesus/Salvation Question Is Coming!

August 15, 2019
Spiritual Growth

It is a blessing to see God at work in so many lives around the world through the comments and questions that flow into my ministry. This morning was no exception when an online follower asked about “the role Jesus had in our salvation.”

Questions like this one on the “SPIRITUAL BASICS” remind us to keep certain truths accessible. To keep them as a north star in our walk with Christ. And to keep them locked safely in our heart and soul so they will be available to animate who we are for others to see and meet Jesus.
This morning’s question about Jesus and our Salvation is no exception. It provides a wonderful opportunity to shine a bright light on a cornerstone truth of our faith. A truth that focuses on Christ as the second person in the Holy Trinity—the only begotten son of the Father…and fully God.
If Christ is not fully divine, then this notion of Eternal Salvation vanishes into thin air. It took God himself to accept and completely erase the world’s sin.
God had eternity in mind when he gave us Jesus to work out our Salvation by becoming a substitute representative who carries a holy calling that has nothing to do with our good works and everything to do with his grand purpose for our life.
Christianity is dependent on a risen Christ to take away our sins. Rising to defeat death proved that he must indeed be the son of God.   
That set up an event at the tomb that changed history forever. Three days after the crucifixion, the stone had been rolled away and Jesus had risen to the Godhead throne.
I ask God to help me have the truth of my Salvation fresh and accessible so it can influence and direct my life in a way that gives glory to you.
If They Asked You About Salvation Could You Answer?
“Salvation is to be found through him alone; in all the world there is no one else whom God has given who can save us.” Acts 4:12

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