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Four  Dangerous Words Asphyxiated Her Faith: “As Soon As I…”

February 19, 2020
Spiritual Growth

All of us experience this mental drill at some point: As soon as I…

Restore that relationship. Fix that fear. Kick that habit. Get that promotion. Pay off that debt. Calm that anxiety. Boost that self-confidence.

. . . Then I will follow Jesus.

No you won’t.
Yes, getting out of the “as soon as I…” trap is tough work. And even if we do escape, a wave of PRESSURE will immediately envelope our heart and soul.
It’s easy to say we hate that PRESSURE, but what we really hate are the feelings caused by the pressure. You know:
There is no time. I will probably fail. What will others think?”
Without it, we procrastinate and squander time.
Idleness leads to isolation and indecision and, eventually, impotence.
Pressure builds our faith when we endure and overcome its demands that none of us could ever handle on our own.
God doesn’t demand the seemingly impossible from the “under-loaded” believer. For that he calls on over-loaded saints looking for their next God Mountain to climb.
When I put myself into the MORE mindset, I always feel closer to God and am more disciplined spiritually. I trust him more and me less. I love others more.
The pressure prompts me to pay closer attention. Be more serious about the call and the mission and the work. But most importantly, it inspires me to focus on touching people who do not know Jesus.
Procrastination is the sport of self-sabotage and I do not want to be put in that game.
The Enemy is hoping we waste time and wrap up our earthly stint with zeroes on our Eternal Scoreboard.
I ask God to give me the strength to fight off urges to adopt a “as soon as I…” thinking and, instead, be open to his direction. In fact, I ask for his help in having me pray for “more.”
Do you have any “As soon as I…” projects in your life?
“I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say good-by to my family.” Luke 9:61

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