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Has The Fog Bank Rolled In On Your Life?

March 25, 2017
Spiritual Growth

The distinctive mountains that reach for the sky outside my window remind me of God’s character–big, strong, immovable, and majestic.
I often thank him for those mountains and their stunning beauty. But today was different. They were GONE! Well, not gone…just hidden behind a fog-shrouded curtain.
God demonstrated his omnipresent power in that moment with this clear message–“Hey Mark, I’m always by your side, even when you don’t sense or see it.”
Despite the truth that God is present and everywhere (Psalm 46:1), there are times when we can’t sense or see him through the “fog of life” that invades our personal viewfinder. I get it. Unanswered prayer, a series of disappointing events, or a betrayal by someone we’re close to can trigger this feeling that God has checked out on us.
But even in those situations—especially in those situations—the fog can be nothing more than a mirage when, in fact, signs of God could be right in front of us. When that happens, we just can’t see it because of a misguided trust in our own instincts.
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6
The truth remains unchanged–God never left us and never will. Our lack of “sight” in this way of thinking—like the fog covering my mountain–does not change the immutable truth that God will not reject or abandon us.  

What should we do when it feels like God is “fogged out” of our sight? Here are the three steps I take:
There are times when we cannot sense God’s presence through the fog because something is blocking our connection with him. That’s when we need to dive into his Word to ask for forgiveness, find understanding, and seek direction.
It could be that our doubts about God’s presence have surfaced because the Holy Spirit senses that we need to grow our faith in some area or in some way. That’s why accepting this kind of uncertainty usually strengthens our faith muscles; boosts our belief in the integrity of God; and helps us embrace the Lord in spite of how things seem and, yes, even when they are unseen.
We find truth and discernment in God’s Word, not through our doubts and feelings.
Let God into your heart and turn everything over to him in full surrender and trust. Your prayers can be both specific with detail and/or non-specific cries for God’s help.
Don’t panic the next time the fog horn pierces your quiet with its shrieking blare. Connect with God, accept the uncertainty, and pray for God’s hand and direction.
Remember…we walk by faith, not sight. Fog or no fog.
I wrote this blog after hearing my great friend and advisor Jonathan Stagno reference fog as a metaphor for our faith walk in life.

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