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For The First Time EVER, He Said, “I CAN’T”

October 24, 2019
Spiritual Growth

The words glided softly from his pursed lips and landed softly in the room’s quiet air: “God, I cannot do this. I give up.”

This story comes from a member of our online tribe who is struggling with, as he puts it, “taming my own strength.” His question to me was focused on how Christians can stop trusting themselves and start relying on God.
I’ll start my response with this immutable truth:
God is looking to FEATURE our weaknesses in the life movie playing across our mind’s cinema right now.
The bottom line is that God will never give us Kingdom responsibilities that we CAN handle on our own. He wants us to REQUIRE his help.
Even if we understand that truth, it’s still tough to accept that God wants to FOCUS on our weaknesses. You know…spiritual gifts and all of that.
But the day we don’t feel INADEQUATE to do God’s work is the day that reveals our distance from his truth. Our weakness is our QUALIFICATION!
We become strong the day our own strength is completely cut off. And then, when we feel weak, we know not to call on our own strength but to call on GOD.
If we do that, he will strengthen us to fight off the Enemy, serve others, and be content in all things. We can even be joyful as the challenging soundtrack of life pierces our peace.
The hidden benefit to allowing God to use our weaknesses is how it has us praying and depending on him for everything.
God gives us HIS strength to overcome OUR weaknesses so we can reject the Enemy and serve others. All to his glory.
I ask God to help me quickly fight off any urge to use my own strength for your work.
Are you hiding behind the delusion of your own strength?
“…For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10

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