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Have You Ever Waved A White Flag?

September 18, 2017
Spiritual Growth

Of course I didn’t literally wave a white flag. But the result was as if I had done just that because I fully surrendered to God and gave up trying to be the boss. It changed my life. Transformed my faith. Erased my hopelessness.

I almost missed this miracle by mistakenly thinking for many years that my surrender had already been recorded! That I had fully yielded everything to God. That I was no longer trusting myself to be my life’s CEO.
I missed it by a mile.
That’s why the headline above asks if you have ever waved a white flag and walked through God’s surrender gateway. I’m not talking about your acceptance of Christ; my focus is on our walk with him day in and day out.
It’s a question I pose to inspire you to pray and give it some thought. It might be one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask because it is easy to think we have fully surrendered our life to Christ only to discover later that we have not gripped the white flag and held it high enough for God to see.

Think of this kind of surrender as being tied to the trust we have in God and the level of Christ-like qualities exhibited in the way we live our life. You can see it in the question Jesus asked Peter:
“Do you love me?” John 21:17
When we drop down and buckle at the knees under our own power, we are ready to receive God. As a general who has loses the final battle and surrenders in a war, we surrender the control panel of life to the Lord. Standing tall and erect, on that day our natural self takes its last breath and we can start waving that majestic white flag.
“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” 2 Chronicles 20:12
I continually ask God to open my eyes and heart to see if there is any surrendering to do. I ask for the courage to fire myself as boss and yield full control to him to identify his direction and purpose for my life.
Give it a try…ask God if there is any part of your life that needs to be surrendered to him. Be patient and make sure you hang around for his answer.

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