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Dilution Is Slow And Sneaky And Headed Your Way

September 17, 2018
Spiritual Growth

This morning I read an article on the website BeliefNet–The 10 Biggest Issues Christian Americans Are Facing Today—that is full of discouraging facts and trends that are gaining momentum in the wrong direction. Here are just a few of the observations about believers who are:

  • Drifting away God’s Word
  • Puffing themselves up with pride
  • Displaying a startling lack of honesty
  • Relying on moral relativism to make decisions
  • Increasingly becoming unwilling to serve God’s Kingdom

I couldn’t help but wonder if the future would continue along this dangerous road of DILUTION and steadily subordinate  Christ and elevate SELF.
Today’s cultural force field acts as a filter through which the media promotes self-centeredness and perpetuates its powerful grip on society. The vulnerable people under this attack are chasing success, money, materialism, hedonism, power, achievement, and superficiality. That chase, which I used to be part of, leaves no time or room in the heart for God, let alone others.
And that’s dilution!
People living by this narrative look at everything they encounter through this lens: What can I get out of it? Self-centeredness is rooted in a person’s fleshly desire to please their own interests more than they want to please God. Every act of self-love is rebellion against the authority of God.
God showed me that SELF is one of the greatest burdens we carry and impossible to manage. Even our best SELF clutches tightly to many of the fears that can defeat us as we battle worry, temptations, darkness, and our own confusing dispositions. Most importantly, SELF dilutes our spiritual growth toward deeper intimacy with God.
I ask God to keep me focused on him so I can always put SELF in a subordinate position.
Is your faith walk being diluted?
“Let go of selfish desires and earthly security and focus instead on the interests of God.” Matthew 6:33

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