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Digital Divide? NO! It’s a Hostile Takeover!

October 18, 2018
Spiritual Growth

We spend our day looking at windows and drop downs. We post fragments and facades that form a customized but false narrative. We keep our Bible close, but closed.

We create this fractured existence by trying to COMPARTMENTALIZE everything. In the process we remove God from his rightful place as our central HUB and spiritual spine.
This dangerous dance has consequences. We lose our intimate presence with Christ in the center of our universe so we can connect with him in a way that envelopes our life with his purpose and happiness.
We are living the 21st Century version of what used to be called a “rat race.” Today it is more of a frenzied blur of distractions that conspire to pull us away from the incarnate presence of Christ to a detached experience animated by a frightening fixation on screens and streams.
Don’t think for a minute that this is a DIGITAL DIVIDE. No! This is a DIGITAL TAKE OVER of our relationship with God.
Its first casualty is an “intellectualized faith” that subordinates the importance of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and the essence of living with God’s joy.
In this revolving and never-ending nightmare, we miss out on a fundamental truth of the Trinity–God is happiness. This is not the kind of happiness created by living a life that is compartmentalized and steals our soul. Hijacks our heart. And massacres our spiritual mind-share.
No, not that…this:
“That teaching is found in the gospel that was entrusted to me to announce, the Good News from the glorious and blessed God.” 1 Timothy 1:11
God’s happiness is the strength we need to ditch the urge to compartmentalize everything and move instead toward the presence of Christ.
I ask God to help me suppress the power of our world’s crushing cacophony of confusion and keep me tethered to his presence and power.
Are you compartmentalizing your life in a way that will eventually remove God from his rightful place as your central HUB and spiritual spine?
“Honest people are safe and secure, but the dishonest will be caught.” Proverbs 10:9

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