Mark Affleck

I Didn’t Start Because I Didn’t Think I Could Finish

January 4, 2018
Spiritual Growth

God wants us to continue walking in faith without complaining or compromising when fear pervades our thinking. The key is to trust he is still there…always there. And will NEVER leave.
It’s true. He never leaves us, whether we feel it or not. We shouldn’t debate whether God stirs us. We should act immediately and “start the race,” because hesitating is ignoring God. It may take some time, but we will eventually see that the Lord never left us.
The enemy’s voice villain tries persistently to hijack our thoughts and keep us from starting the race immediately after we get an inspiration from God. If we’re not paying attention and giving the challenge to the Lord, his vision valve closes quickly. The opportunity fades. And the urgency flees.
To avoid that fate, we need to follow God’s direction and move when he tells us to move.

We need to race, anyway.

That’s why I ask God to help me stomp on the gas pedal when he says move and Satan says freeze. And every time I do that, God unfailingly provides some kind of positive and productive learning or growth. Every single time.

“…do whatever he tells you.” John 2:5


The next time you are stuck on the starting line when it comes to acting on God’s direction, consider “racing anyway.”

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