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CHAOS: In Life—NO Way! In Our Mind—Bring it On!

March 7, 2019
Spiritual Growth

The world has always been roiling in CHAOS. And then it was rocked by a social media maelstrom that has taken it to a much deeper and dangerous level.
The chaos cyclone cannot be stopped but we still yearn for order; fight for peace; and pray for relief.
We do not want chaos in the movie theater, at the supermarket, or on the beach. And we certainly don’t want chaos in our relationships.
On the OUTSIDE…our instinctual opposition to chaos gives us the desire to have order in our life.
But one of life’s biggest contradictions is how we tolerate, condone, promote and fertilize chaos in our MIND!
That’s bad.
Allowing chaos to thrive in our mind opens the door for evil to encroach on goodness, if not Godliness.
It leads to low self-esteem and worry and doubt and fear. And it can derail our quest to live a purpose-driven life.
Finding the joy of Christ while living in the middle of chaos is more than an oxymoron, it is IMPOSSIBLE. I know because I tried for many years and failed.
I learned later that tapping into God’s joy can only come through an intimate connection with Christ and will never appear with a spiritual snap of the fingers.
Of course it is a daunting challenge to live a quiet and balanced life in a world of chaos. But it’s worth the sacrifice.
Let the world rumble and shake in its chaos when we bask and revel in God’s still calm.
To that end, I ask God to help me turn down the chaos volume in my life so I can develop deeper intimacy with him and live with Kingdom purpose serving others.
Is the “CHAOS LEVEL” in your life high, medium, or low right now?
 “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.” 1 Thessalonians 4:11

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