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My Burning Lips and Wicked Heart Torched Others

April 26, 2018
Spiritual Growth

It was early in my faith walk and even though it is painful in retrospect, God has used it for good in a mighty way. It was refreshed in my mind this morning when I was reading Proverbs.

“Pretty words may hide a wicked heart, just as a pretty glaze covers a common clay pot.” Proverbs 26:23
Two incredible powerful messages emerge from this verse—1) Burning Lips; and 2) Wicked Heart:
Burning lips that spew critical and hurtful words light a blazing and destructive fire at the feet of others. It is a fire in our mouth that, unless quenched by God, cannot stay silent.
Fueled by selfish arrogance, a wicked heart is full of malice, hate and evil slander.
Behind a curtain of counterfeit kindness, it is a heart that professes Christ and good intentions but is blind to others. It produces words that are like stones polished by a pounding rain on the outside but inside harbor wickedness.
Jesus taught that the mouth clearly reveals the heart (Matthew 12:34-37). That is why we end up in this predicament. Our mouth and heart are inextricably linked.
If I do not grieve after words that do not edify God pass through my mouth’s portal, I must immediately check my heart and take the following two tests:
How easily do we mislead, slander, or gossip with lips pretending to harbor love but are instead wicked and destructive?
Are we asking God to help us show affection to others and steer clear of our own selfish motives or do we have a murderous heart ready to launch a crime spree?
I ask God to push me to grieve when I speak words that to not edify him. To help me check my heart immediately. To drop on my knees and repent.
Take the Burning Lips and Wicked Heart tests above to determine what kind of glaze is on your personal pot.
“Like a coating of silver dross on earthenware are fervent lips with an evil heart..” Proverbs 26:23 NIV

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