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Better To GIVE Than Receive? Stop Fooling With Me

December 16, 2019
Spiritual Growth

Christians are NOT called to keep the blessings we receive from God. And we are NOT the TERMINATION POINT of God’s grace in the Christian Give/Receive Cycle.

The Give/Receive Cycle for Christians is not a CLOSED-LOOP track for us to run on with God and exclude everyone else.
It is the opposite—we are to be a GATEWAY TRANSFER STATION that keeps the Give/Receive Cycle alive and growing.
God gives to us so that we, in turn, bless OTHERS even more. This is an act the Apostle Paul says is designed to help us “be generous in every way.”
The purpose of giving for a follower of Christ is to produce and give praise to God. We are designed to generate happiness by receiving blessings from God and then passing them on to others.
God abhors gifts that are made because people are watching. And he does not honor reluctant or “under-constraint” givers, either. He honors and loves CHEERFUL GIVERS.
He wants us to open our heart, our hands, and our wallet to nourish our soul. This has very little to do with our 10% tithe. That Biblical mandate can easily and quickly become a legalistic charade.
Even crime bosses and cartel kingpins are generous givers.
Giving for Christians is not about the KIND or AMOUNT of our gift. It is about HOW WE GIVE—cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7).
This, of course, comes from what Christ himself gave on the cross for us—the ultimate act of generosity.
If we have surrendered our heart and life to Jesus and are walking in his spirit and emulating Christ…that same generosity will inure to us and be manifest in our faith walk.
I ask God to help me stay focused on how much he has given me and the huge responsibility I have to be generous in all ways to others.
Where is your heart right now on giving?
“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

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