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What Do Ariana Grande, Coin, Nicki Minaj, George Thorogood, Sha-Na-Na, Run DMC, and the Strokes Have In Common?

July 1, 2017
Spiritual Growth

They talk too much!

This is the SHORT list of artists who have used “You talk too much” as the hook in one of their songs.
It’s a turn-of-phrase that can be directly connected to the line we all know that means we have said something inappropriate and embarrassing: “Open mouth, insert foot.”
You get the idea.  It seems impossible to avoid talking too much, right? I’ll bet all of us have had the unappetizing experience of tasting shoe leather or a smelly pair of socks.
For me, learning how to filter what I say prior to voicing it aloud is a lifelong process. But it’s worth the effort because failing in this regard inhibits our ability to model Christ for the people who are watching us—in some cases, as one of the few representatives of Christ they will ever see.
“Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark.” James 3:5
Put simply, we must learn how to hold back the words that will inhibit our effectiveness in having Christ be manifest in our lives and be a witness to other people who may be hearing the only words from God they will ever hear. That may be worth repeating—THE ONLY WORDS FROM GOD THEY WILL EVER HEAR.  

God’s filter is heaven’s perspective of insight and understanding.
It’s pretty cool when you think about how God accepts customized input directly from us for processing by the Lord of the universe. It’s like the positive side of having a smartphone at the ready to help us find our location or connect with someone or find important information. But in contrast to this technological wonder joined to our hip, God’s “computer” comes with a built-in filter called the Holy Spirit. If we remain connected to this benefit and follow the Holy Spirit’s posts, we can be confident when putting our thoughts and concerns the filter for processing—BEFORE WE TALK TOO MUCH.
We build a life from the things we say and the choices we make each day. Putting our thoughts, circumstances, and future through God’s filter on a regular basis gives us the incentive and discipline to speak in a way that honors him.
If we do not activate the filter by connecting with God on a daily basis, we are forced to find perspective and direction from somewhere else—friends, television, or online bloggers and so-called experts whose advice resides in the digital cloud. And that will guarantee that we’ll talk too much.
The good news is that God’s filter never wears out. It always operates at 100% efficiency as long as we use it to hold back expression of our pain and angst so we can be a witness for Christ and move through life with joy.
And it will keep us from talking too much.

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