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Those KEYS Were Hiding Right Under My Nose!

August 28, 2020
Spiritual Growth

Have you ever looked hard for something where you KNEW it was located, but come up empty? Where you were embarrassed when someone pointed to a spot only a meter away and said, “Hey, it’s right there”?

I have!
Most of the time it turns out that the object of my search—usually my keys—was hiding in plain sight.
Our faith walk with God has its own HIDING-IN-PLAIN-SIGHT challenge.
It begins when one of life’s storms comes crashing through our life’s door. There are plenty of fresh examples with the global pandemic attacking us all like a pack of Brazilian Piranhas devouring their helpless prey in the otherwise calm, tropical paradise.
Job insecurity or loss. Disease and dying. Financial pressure and pain. Emotional distress and depression.
Whatever the challenge, it always sends us scurrying with urgency to look for and locate God’s perspective. God’s protection. God’s power.
You KNOW God’s key to this situation is “here somewhere” but you cannot find it on the first search. The search’s second round starts with confidence that you will find God’s key where you had put it for “safe-keeping.” But it ain’t there.
The takeaway? We must put our spiritual keys in a place where we can ALWAYS and IMMEDIATELY find them.
Since the best place to put our keys is on a hook that stays in one place, that’s what we need to do with God’s spiritual keys. We need to put them on a permanent hook in our heart that never moves so we can find them quickly.
That will give us strength and wisdom to deal with the challenge in a way that honors and praises God.
I ask God to help me find a place for his spiritual keys that I will always remember and always be able to locate.
How long does it take you to find GOD’S SPIRITUAL KEYS?
“Keep yourselves in the love of God, as you wait for our Lord Jesus Christ in his mercy to give you eternal life.” Jude 1:21

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