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I Made Decisions About My Faith Just Like Ordering Lunch

March 24, 2021
Spiritual Growth

How crazy is that thought for a Christian? I mean, c’mon…making decisions about your faith like it was a lunch order? Really? Yep. That was how I was thinking early in my faith walk. Ouch.
I had elected myself as BOSS and put myself in charge of making every decision in my life as if it was nothing more than a lunch order. I was a corporate CEO at the time and EVERYTHING in my life could be reduced to a mere transaction.  It was a mechanical and sterile existence. I can remember crying while polishing my sportscar in the four-car garage of my mansion. It was horrific.
Recognizing my INADEQUACY without God was not even a seed to sprout. I was BOSS and that’s all there was to the story.
In effect, I was saying to God, “I do NOT need YOUR POWER. I’ll lead myself through the battlefields of life’s worry war and pain parade. I have confidence in ME.”
It is clear to see now through the lens of Godly hindsight that my approach to life—making decisions about my faith just like ordering lunch–had forced me to assume all responsibility for EVERYTHING. And I had no idea that was impossible.
I have learned that failing to recognize our INADEQUACY without God means we will not yield to his direction. What happens next? The cycle spirals into a descending and dangerous dance with despair. A plunging and powerless bout with panic.  A scary and steep slide into fear.
Failing to fire ourselves as BOSS and put our trust in Christ will start a fire that burns emotional and physical holes through our soul.
Navigating life as a Christian is no walk in the park. Breaking free from the weight of doubt and worry is dependent on us kneeling before God and asking him to guide us. In short, we must fire ourselves as BOSS and let go.
The rewards are deep, glorious, and immediate. Best of all, the decisions we make that impact our spiritual life will take on much more weight than our lunch order.
I ask God to remind me every day to recognize my INADEQUACY without him. To give me strength to grow more and more mature in my trust of him and his Word.
Are you taking the important decisions in your life to God or to your own lunch counter?
“Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.” Proverbs 8:34

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