Mark Affleck

I Chose Exposure Over Contamination

December 20, 2018

Life on earth is full of TOXICITY that can quickly ooze into our bloodstream and eventually reach our brain…and then our heart…and, eventually, our soul.
These ubiquitous toxins greet us on each cyber wave we surf and each image we put into our mind’s projector. They are predacious and pervasive and powerful…stopping at nothing to compromise our faith and hijack our hope in Christ.
The danger is constant and lurking in every situation we encounter, every thought we form, and every action we take. Everything that we allow into our mind and life has an impact on how we grow or don’t grow spiritually. 
We are vulnerable in the cool of a lonely morning. During the day’s long ebb and flow. And in the evening’s glorious repose.
Even the most vigilant and watchful defense will at times be compromised and require a SPIRITUAL DETOX session to cleanse and re-calibrate.
The goal is to detox EARLY before contamination. Here are just a few possible DETOX FOCAL POINTS:

We need to DETOX what we:

COVET  Envying people who have what we want, but do not have, is a toxin.
VIEW     Where we set our gaze is like a compass that must be calibrated.
THINK   Spiritual battles are ultimately won or lost in the mind.
FEAR     Fear never comes from God; it comes from evil.
SAY       Positive words heal; negative words harm.
All of us will have different DETOX NEEDS. And this is an ideal time at year-end to take a few moments and talk with God about the areas in need of a purge. The areas we need to pray over for strength to fight off. The areas where we need God’s protection.
I ask God to show me what toxins I need to purge and cleanse now and protect me from the toxicity of life.


What toxins do you need to remove as this year hits the home stretch?
“Teach me, Lord, what you want me to do, and I will obey you faithfully; teach me to serve you with complete devotion.” Psalm 86:11
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