Mark Affleck



I’m trapped!    Have you ever felt like that in the midst of life’s challenges? I certainly have.    The sobering reality is that committing to God’s “Protection Promise” is extremely difficult in the midst of fear and doubt. It runs counter to our human nature.    It’s like being trapped in a flood. Even …


A “Dumb” Phone?

Our phones are definitely getting smarter, but our knowledge of God’s Word has become more like a “Dumb Phone.”    We have become biblically illiterate Christians because many of us have marginalized Scripture in favor of singing contemporary songs, attending fellowship barbeques, and taking superficial topical study classes.    We are experiencing a famine—a famine …

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I'm Alone.

God wants us to wait for his refining work and look for his perspective even while we are in the vortex of affliction. He wants us to trust the divine timing and not get discouraged while we’re in the waiting period. The best approach to stop discouragement early is to pray. But as clear and …

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